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Our Story

The year was 2010, I was suffering with vertigo and severe panic attacks, soon to be diagnosed with BPPV; a common non-fatal condition that my ENT doctor said I would have to treat with medication for relief, likely for the rest of my life. Around the same time, my brother was suffering with severe back pain, due to a herniated disk. Both of us were long time victims of kidney stones, just to add another element of pain to the mix. Needless to say we were feeling helpless and hopeless in our personal journeys. Very few things in life compare to the onslaught of excruciating body pains and vertigo, mingled with mental fear that you're body is failing you. Around this time, my brother got his hands on a really expensive bottle of CBD vape oil that was laughably tiny in size. The bottle was 10ml and cost over $50. We used it extremely sparingly in our evaluation period. Highly impressed with the magnitude of results, but checkmated by the price, we weren't able to continue down this road of treatment unfortunately. It was painful to know something was providing serious relief to our various ailments, yet it was out of our reach due to the expense. CBD was still a new idea to the mainstream, so we began researching as deep as we could at the time. This was the beginning of our 8 year journey into the wide world of CBD treatment, healing and education.

We began finding different oral tinctures, mostly extracted oils, as well as capsules and vape oils from many small companies. While the price wasn't really getting any more affordable, the products were becoming more available, and the research was gaining momentum. We found that many of the products were inferior to others we had tried, and certain brands had inconsistent formulas. We also learned that the full spectrum CBD from hemp, contained trace amounts of the psychoactive compound known as THC, which is illegal in most states in the USA. The trace amounts of THC are enough to show up on drug screenings. Now faced with a new set of challenges, we began a journey to formulate the perfect product for our personal use, that eliminated the trace amounts of THC, while delivering the purest and cleanest form of CBD available.


This is when we began working with pure isolate. While the isolate form of CBD is pure and potent, it doesn't contain the naturally occurring terpenes that are present in full spectrum hemp extracted CBD oil. The truth is that terpenes are a major player in how the CBD affects your system, not to mention that they change the direction of the entire CBD experience. Rather than just blending the basic terpenes found in the hemp plant, we aimed to raise the bar with our highly potent propriety blend of therapeutic terpenes, extracted from medicinal marijuana plants in Colorado, by a process that renders no trace of THC. We began working with a team of CBD specialists in Colorado, utilizing a specialized process to get the purest raw materials available. We would mix our own formula at home, using 100% legal ingredients from Colorado, and were having tremendous success with the effects. After sharing little amounts with friends and family members, we received the same responses over and over. Everyone was using products from their chiropractors, health food stores, supplement shops and different websites; all paying exceedingly high market prices ($160-$300 /bottle) for products half as potent as ours. Our formula was reigning superior in all cases; from potency & effectiveness to superior formulation and price. Everyone was asking us to mix them bottles and make it available on a regular basis. This was unexpected to say the least, however not surprising at all, because we knew that we had a superior, all natural, drug-free product that was doing wonders for my brother and I. 

After many requests, we decided to have our superior formula manufactured and mixed by a lab in Colorado, in small reserve batches, utilizing the exact ingredients we found to be the most useful in our journey. Our goal was to make the best CBD formula on the market, but only if we could offer it for an affordable price (over 50% below our competitors & superior in formulation), while keeping it completely THC free and maintaining a minimal, all natural ingredient list.


It's now 2019, and we are excited to welcome you to the product that has been strategically crafted through years of research and experience, with the most premium ingredients, that truly deliver with ultra-potency, and years in the making. Welcome to GEN1:12, we are excited to help you on your journey!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.